Thomas Verity clarinet/whistle
Rob Shepley guitar/violin
Connie Del Vecchio violin/piano accordion
Marcel Becker double bass

Thursday 12 December, 2019 at 01:10 pm

Trad Eli Eli/Klezmers The Freilach
Trad Herschel
Trad La Rosa Enflorese
Trad Daichovo Horo
Gardel Volver
Rob Shepley Dusty road

Klezmer-ish - returning by popular demand - bring their intoxicating mix of Semitic and East European folk music tinged with jazz, all played and introduced with great verve and panache.

They describe Herschel - the second piece in their programme - as ‘Klezmer-punk’, which describes the energy of the piece rather than the harmonic and melodic vocabulary!

The Daichovo Horo is in a characteristic Bulgarian rhythm (they love to combine simple and compound beats within the same bar) and guitarist Rob Shepley is again bringing one of his gypsy-jazz pieces to conclude the concert in a rousing finale.


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