Clouds Harp Quartet

Esther Swift
Elfair Grug Dyer
Elinor Nicholson
Angelina Warburton

Friday 11 October, 2019 at 01:10 pm

Pinus Sylvestris
Drunken Sailor
Dance Music: iii)  ⅞ | iv) Grey and Blue | v) What I Am | vi) The Call
All music written by Esther Swift

Clouds Harp Quartet play an interesting and hypnotic blend of folk and minimalism; their music is like nothing you will have heard before (but in a very good way!).

The quartet shows the harp in a new light and the range of sounds produced from their instruments is always surprising. It is definitely worth visiting their website for a preview of some of their music, which is both stimulating and relaxing.

The quartet is carving a niche in the musical world, recently performing at Manchester Jazz Festival and Swaledale Festival; it’s a niche that is not easy to categorise, so you can form your own viewpoint after seeing their unique performance.

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