Mats Lidström (cello); Leif Kaner-Lidström (piano)

Wednesday 01 May, 2019 at 01:10 pm

J.S.Bach Alla Siciliana BWV 1067
J.S.Bach Adagio ma non tanto BWV 1016
J.S.Bach Adagio BWV 1017
J.S.Bach Vivace BWV 1018
Franck Sonata in A major

We are privileged to be able to conclude the season with the celebrated Swedish cellist Mats Lidström, performing with his son Leif. Mats’ career as performer, composer, transcriber and author has brought him international fame, with his dynamic stage presence gripping audiences worldwide. Leif is currently based in Manchester, and is rapidly making a name for himself as a talented chamber musician.

The four Bach transcriptions by Mats (one from an orchestral suite and three from violin sonatas) are part of an ongoing series he is producing. The Franck (also originally a violin sonata) is so well known that it needs little introduction, except to restate that it has vast emotional range and depth when played on the cello.

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