Thomas Verity (clarinet/whistle)
Rob Shepley (guitar/violin)
Connie Del Vecchio (violin/piano accordion)
Marcel Becker (double bass)

Tuesday 26 March, 2019 at 01:10 pm

Trad Dancing with the Rabbi
Heim Give me a lift to Tzfat
Brandwein Leading the In-laws home
Trad Doina/Street Melody
Trad 7:40
Piazzolla Oblivion
Piazzolla Adiós Nonino
Rob Shepley September Sun
Trad Dark Eyes

Klezmer-ish have discovered a blend of music and an informal brand of performance that is proving to be an enormous hit with their audiences, and we are very happy to introduce them to you as part of our fusion-themed season.

There is common ground between the folk and popular music of so many countries in the world, and today’s programme - travelling from middle Europe to Ireland by way of Argentina - is both diverse and unified. The members of Klezmer-ish met one another in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra; they are classically-trained musicians and masters of their craft, and it will be wonderful to witness them in such an unconstrained format.

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