Michael Cavanagh (baritone horn)
Michael Smith (cornet and flugelhorn)
Jonathan Bates (tenor horn)
Chris Robertson (euphonium)

Wednesday 17 January, 2018 at 01:10 pm

Jonathan Bates Toccata
Oliver Waespi South Uist Variations
Bruckner arr. Bates Locus Iste
Debussy arr. Illiam Quane Deuxieme Arabesque
Golland arr. Bates Peace
Brubeck arr. Jonathan Bates Take Five
Bartok arr. Adam Taylor and Chris Robertson Six Romanian Folk DancesĀ 
Martin Ellerby Electra Dances ii and iii

This is a showcase concert displaying the range of possibilities when talented brass band players get together and form an ensemble. The repertoire has to be created from scratch, but the versatility of the group as players, composers and arrangers means that there is a vast amount of music to choose from. This concert is topped and tailed by original compositions designed to display the technical prowess of the ensemble, and the arrangements in the middle cover an impressive stylistic range, with an exciting blend of the well-known and the less familiar.

Sponsored by an anonymous donor

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